Saturday, 20 February 2010

Many Squares

These are the squares from my Knit a Square Project. I currently have 160 and more are arriving! This shows people are knitting, love to knit and want to knit! I am going to use these knits to put together the blankets/garments as part of my project and look at donating them to charity.

Within my project I am exploring the concept of Knit as a living art, and researching how this skill is passed down through generations. I have set my own knit a square project and initially had the outcome as charity blankets. Through looking into square patterns this idea has been generated. Looking at a traditionally patterned garment. This sample has been made using sqaures of Yorkshire pattern. Taken from a book about Ganseys and how local areas are represented through the use of pattern. I would like to explore this concept further and develop my own version of pattern.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A bit of outdoor research, sculpture and sunshine at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Just a couple of knit samples, these are taken from the traditional patterns of the Yorkshire seaside ganseys. The patterns are symbolic representations of the area such as the nets and the sand. The different combinations of these patterns are representations of specific places such as Flamborough, Scarborough and Filey. This process was used as a method of identification for fishermen lost at sea so it was possible to find out where they were from.