Monday, 28 December 2009

Good Day

Welcome to the blog of The Past the Future. The purpose of creating this blog is to maintain a record of the progression of the project. Showing any developments and inspirations and how these are fulfilled into the final outcome. The project became after I began my MA studies in Design. I knew I wanted to explore the concept of sustainable textiles and this developed into an interest in cooperative practice and how community can benefit from this social interaction. My focus lies within traditional textile techniques such as knit, crochet and embroidery. At the moment knit is the exploration with the Knit a Square project. Getting people to knit a square and attach a label with information about their knit experiences. I hope to create an update of what I have completed so far and what I hope to achieve in the future. I welcome any comments, ideas or if you would just like to get in touch your more than welcome.